Second Workshop: September 8th


Dr. Jahnke open the workshop with project thoughts and invited questions from the 17 participants. Following that brief discussion, the workshop had 2 special presenters who each introduced a different game platform.

Software Platform Introduction


Sara Ringbauer gave a presentation about the “ARIS” game platform. She discussed the benefits and drawbacks of using it along with providing examples.

ARIS Benefits included:

  • Open Source coding for being able to share.
  • Not overly complex to work with. .
  • The ability to use custom coding.
  • Widely Used with a number of examples to learn from.
  • Support forums to help with development questions.

ARIS Drawbacks Include:

  • iOS ONLY
  • Advanced options require back end development skills.

You can find more out about ARIS here:

ARIS: Learn More


Michele Kroll followed with a similar presentation of “GuidiGO” discussing its benefits and drawbacks.

GuidiGO Benefits Include:

  • Very user friendly and easy to work with.
  • Works on both Android and IOS.
  • Ability to integrate the use of Google Glasses.
  • Widely used with a number of examples to learn from.  

GuidiGO Drawback:

  • Does not utilize open source coding.

You can learn more about GuidiGO here:

GuidiGO: Learn More

Idea Inventory

Before this workshop, we provided an opportunity for students to present any of their game concept ideas to help stimulate the creative process. We created an “idea Inventory” where they could place their  ideas to share with potential teammates who might be interested in similar ideas.

View the Idea Inventory

Starting & Scenario Conceptual Framework

To help participants, they were provided with a “Getting Started” document which touched a number of details to assist them. A “Scenario Conceptual Framework” was also discussed to help groups organize their game elements and objects to aid collaborative design and development among multiple group members. 

View Getting Started & Scenario Conceptual Framework  

Forming Groups & Selecting Game Platforms.

Participants formed 4 groups. Each group started to work on their game ideas and based on the presentations, picked the game platform they wished to use.

2 groups picked GuidiGO.

2 Groups picked ARIS.

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