VOTE! People’s Choice Award!!

300 PCA

LeXMizzou invites you to vote for your favorite game (one vote per person). The game with the most votes will win our 2017 “People’s Choice” award and a prize of $500 for the winning team  to share between each team member. The games are:

Beginning December 7th at 12:00 CST, you can vote at the below link:


VOTING ENDS: December 8th, 3:00 pm CST

To access the games, you’ll need to download 2 applications, ARIS and GuidiGO and create accounts at each.

Find GuidiGO Games

The GuidiGO application looks like this:


Once you’ve downloaded GuidiGO, look for the games:

  • “Why Me?”
  • Mizzou Hunt

Find ARIS Games

The ARIS application looks like this:


Once you’ve downloaded ARIS, look for the games:

  • Ethics Game
  • LibWay

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