We are a team of students and faculty members at the University of Missouri-Columbia at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies and other departments.  We have the vision that Learning Expeditions become a new way of meaningful learning that goes beyond classroom learning and supports learners to explore and connect topics and theoretical concepts with items, augmented information and physical objects in the real world.

Dr. Isa Jahnke
Shann Bossaller
Michele Kroll
Michelle Todd
Hao He
Minh Pham
Neeley Current

External post-doctoral fellow
Dr. Alexander Nolte (University of Pittsburgh)

Fatih Demir (2015-2017)
So Mi KiM (2015-2017)
Nilay Muslu (2015-2017)
Sara Ringbauer (2015-2016)

featured by the Information Experience Lab (IE lab) at Mizzou

Primary Email Contact:
Shann Bossaller scb5g5@mail.missouri.edu

Additional Contact:
Dr. Isa Jahnke jahnkei@missouri.edu


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