Call for Student Participation

Gain Experience as a Mobile Game Design and Developer

No special programming skills are required

No longer accepting applications

LeXMizzou is looking for a maximum of 25 students highly motivated students interested in designing and developing location based games for learning expeditions on Mizzou’s campus. Assisting your efforts on a learning theme of your choice, we will help small groups walk through concepts, provide guidance and resource training for using the game platform and provide usability concepts and resources to test and refine game designs for final presentation. Your creativity will become a reality through multiple workshops, group collaboration and presenting your digital mobile game along with other student projects in December  2017.

Full Project Details

For full project details, please download the “Lex Project Outline 2017” PDF below. Also, please feel free to share it with people you think might be interested for some reason.

Downloadable PDFlex-project-outline-2017


Participants can earn $100 and best games win $500. Students May be eligible for course credit. 

Each student earns $100 if she or he  contributes to the final Game Day event. We have two awards, each earning $500 – People Choice  Award and Expert Award.

Fall 2017 semester course credit may be available. Graduate students can explore earning independent study course credits through the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies. Undergraduate students can explore earning independent study course credits working with their advisor.

Brief Details

The Open Call for Student Participation approaches students at the University of Missouri. The open call asks students to provide the following information:

  1. What is the main topic of the game that you want to design? (If you don’t have own ideas, we present some ideas to help inspire you.)
  2. Do you have first ideas for your game for learning? (Please describe)
  3. What kind of skill do you bring into the teams? (No specific skills are required)
  4. Are you already a team of 3-5 students or do you apply without a team? (This information helps us to put individuals together to form new student teams)

LeXMizzou team provides resources in forms of workshops and individual facilitation of the student groups.

Game Design Requirements:

  • Location-based game
  • Game for exploring a specific topic connected to learning
  • Has something to do with a place on the Mizzou Campus
  • Interactivity and collaborative elements in the game
  • Publishing the games for learning for all
  • Students work in groups of usually 3-5 members.

Students may apply as a group or individually. To generate ideas, LeXMizzou will provide the students some examples of possible games for learning such as MU architectural tours around Architectural Styles, botany on campus (e.g., find a specific rare plant), fossil finding on campus, historic stories sharing, the tour around the Arts, and so forth. The topics may exhibit a lot of creativity and highlight the strengths, interests and stories of the MU campus. In the first workshop, the groups will decide on their concept and topics may extend beyond these examples listed, according to student preferred themes.

Selection Criteria

A maximum of 25 students will be selected based on the requirements below: 

  • Diversity (e.g., people, disciplines, themes)
  • Focused on a game topic connected to learning
  • Occurs on a Mizzou Campus location(s)
  • Both interactivity and collaboration game elements are involved
  • Willing to publish the game publicly

If more than 25 students apply, they will be invited to present their ideas. Students and concepts will be selected based by the LeXMizzou team on how well they align with the project requirements.